Letter: S. Ann Robinson, Leesburg

Editor:  In his letter to you David Dickinson wrote, “…parents (of privately schooled children) watch … a significant portion of their taxes go to schools they are not required to use and from which their children derive no benefit.”

Really. He can’t be serious.

Education is not a consumer good. It is a public benefit for the public good. Would you rather live in a region of the country where most of the residents are not educated? Imagine the difference in your quality of life… instead of the networks of competent, skilled and involved citizens that live and work in Loudoun due to it’s excellent public education. That is certainly a benefit that all — including children –– receive and enjoy.

I haven’t had a child in the public schools for 20 years now, and it does not bother me at all that my taxes go to pay for good schools. Education is the foundation of a decent and prosperous society as a whole.

S. Ann Robinson, Leesburg