Letter: Joe Korode, Hamilton

Editor: Reading Butch Porters March 31 column “Words Used to Mean Things,” I agree with Mr. Porter that not voting for candidate Trump should not in itself make you “establishment.”  However, sometimes the water gets a little murky in that regard when drilling down as to why.

Like Mr. Porter, I like to think of myself as a conservative and have over the years aligned myself with such government representatives in hopes of having these ideas promoted in policy. This did not happen. Once in the system, candidates lose all sense of who they represent; they become just part of the good ole boys club the status quo “establishment.”

There has to be a realization that if we are ever going to get change of any sort a candidate’s values, mannerisms, ability to debate and, yes, hairdo have to be secondary to what now has to be the primary mission. That is of taking on the “establishment“ head first. For without that, we now know, there can be no real change.

Some of our greatest historical leaders were not such because they had fancy hairdos or, in fact, even nice people.  They were great leaders because of their ability to recognize a problem, the tenacity to take it on head first, go alone if they have to, and just get it done. Winston Churchill surely comes to mind. This is what we need right now and I believe candidate Trump, even with all his flaws, is this.

One could argue that should Trump become president and have success in cracking the “establishment” stranglehold that his changes could make things worse than what we have now. This is an unknown, but the one thing that is known is that what we have now is not working.

Joe Korode, Hamilton