Letter: Brian Allman, Ashburn

Editor: Who is going to lead the charge for the Loudoun County Police Department?

I would have. As sheriff, I would have been constantly lobbying the Board of Supervisors to do it and to do it now. I would have been pushing the idea every minute of every day to the Board of Supervisors to form a committee and start exploring what really needs to be done and how much it will cost the taxpayer, which is very small, since the infrastructure is already in place.

Polls in the former Leesburg Today newspaper indicated that the majority of Loudoun citizens wanted a police department. Republican county chairman candidate Charlie King supported the idea. County Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall, a Democrat, said she would look into the idea and yet nothing has happened and I predict nothing will ever happen either; politicians will tell you anything to simply get your vote.

To form the Loudoun County Police Department will take a whole lot more than a few newspaper stories and the crying of the Fraternal Order of Police about deputy transfers. With 38,000 plus citizens voting for Sheriff Chapman, the sheriff clearly has a mandate. Citizens like the sheriff’s style of leadership, management as well as his competency. I do, too, and I am a Democrat. I just wish Sheriff Chapman shared the view that it’s time to form the Loudoun County Police Department as the majority of Loudoun citizens and I do.

Brian Allman, Ashburn

[The writer was the Democratic nominee for Loudoun County Sheriff in 2015.]