Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: It’s ironic that the very same week our current governor restores voting rights to more than 200,000 convicted felons, there are those who push for the disenfranchisement of Loudoun voters.

Calling for stripping the people of their constitutionally protected choices is indicative of the increasing and frightening trend toward consolidating all power with government; and away from the very citizens government is supposed to serve, the vast majority of whom are not convicted felons.

There is no evidence a “police force” could serve the people of Loudoun any better than a Sheriff’s Department. None. It’s likely the exact opposite in reality.

Suggesting that a “police chief” is somehow more accountable, daily or otherwise, to the people than an elected sheriff is a fallacy. Police chiefs can and are thrown under the bus by politicians looking for scapegoats to cover up their own incompetence. That doesn’t happen in Loudoun. Our chief law enforcement officer works for, and answers directly to the people.

Boards come and go. Their ideological makeup varies from one election to the other, speaking of the “every-four-years variety.” Police chiefs are politicians working for other politicians—a toxic mix. An individual, selected directly by the people more accurately serves Loudoun. There is no board, committee, task force, etc. capable of selecting Loudoun’s chief law enforcement officer better than the people can.

Only the voters of Loudoun should possess the critical choice of who that

officer is. Anything less is regressive and hostile in the extreme.

The voters of Loudoun have spoken. The sheriff is our direct employee and works for us, and us alone. We don’t need yet another layer of muddy water from Harrison Street.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg