Gemmill Won’t Enter Leesburg Council Race

Bruce Gemmill announced Friday that he will not seek to retain his Leesburg Town Council seat in the November election.

He was appointed to the council in February to fill the unexpired term of Dave Butler, who was appointed mayor. Gemmill said at the time of his appointment that he did not plan to run for election this year. His term expires Dec. 31.

“It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the citizens of Leesburg as a councilmember. I will continue to look out for the best interests of all the people until my term expires December 31st of this year,” Gemmill said. “One thing I’d like to mention is the need for more citizen involvement at the local government level. By this I mean taking the time to pay attention to how hard-earned tax dollars are spent, making known one’s concerns before the Council, running for a Council seat and holding your elected officials accountable.”

Gemmill said he has worked to shake things up, challenging wasteful expenditures and unnecessary projects during the recent budget sessions. “Most citizens don’t know that their money has been used for such things as renovating the skateboard park on Catoctin Circle for a mere $1 million, or that $300,000 is planned for an interactive water fountain at Town Hall,” he stated. Gemmill said he worked with Councilman Tom Dunn to avoid more regulatory burdens on Leesburg’s residents and advocate fiscal responsibility.

“I know people are very busy with their lives, but I encourage Leesburg’s residents to pay closer attention to the goings-on of their local government, the appropriations of their tax dollars, the votes taken by their locally elected officials and to consider running for a Council seat, especially those with business backgrounds,” Gemmill stated. “Historic Leesburg is at a crossroads. The actions taken by the Town Council will affect the future of our town, its residents and its businesses—for good or ill.”