Letter: Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

Editor: I am writing in order to try to clarify some mis-conceptions some have about Evan Macbeth, who is running for a seat on the Leesburg Town Council.  Some letters have been submitted without a signature but I will let you know who I am and also define what I mean when I use the certain terms such as Liberal, Democrat or Community.

I am a LIBERAL (definition= one who is open to new ideas, gives of himself generously, thinks of others first, is charitable and altruistic).

I am a DEMOCRAT (Definition = one who believes in working with people, serving the underserved and that it benefits all of us to help the weakest and the poorest among us) and voted for President Obama twice, as did the majority of people in Loudoun County both times he ran for President.  I have worked with Evan Macbeth on the Loudoun Democratic Committee and find him to be an energetic altruistic person who only wants what is best the (entire) community.  His recent endeavor concerning the recent re-districting efforts by the Loudoun County School board is but one example. He also was a very active member of the Exeter Home Owners Association (HOA) who made his voice heard when he lived here in Exeter.

COMMUNITY:  The word “community” was used by one anonymous letter writer who said that we did not have a COMMUNITY because not everyone spoke English here and not everyone attended local parades on the Fourth of July or other times.  This letter writer just described what happens in many, many places in the USA. However, a community is not defined by what language they speak or how many parades they attend.  To me a community is made up of people who live in a certain area, want to make a living for themselves and their families and work together to solve problems. I like Leesburg because it very DIVERSE COMMUNITY and was recognized recently as being one of the best places to live in the USA. There is history here, good schools, good shopping, great services (especially medical services) and jobs (I still see many Help Wanted signs). The town council led by LIBERAL members, most notably Mayor, now Supervisor, Kristen Umstattd has kept the small town feel and been good fiscal stewards by keeping our taxes low while still providing needed services.  My wife and I have lived here since 1994 after moving 24 times in my 35 years of Army Service and 55 years of marriage and consider Leesburg our home (thanks in large part to the LIBERALS on the town council).  So I do want another LIBERAL on the council and Evan Macbeth is just the right person for the job.

Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg