Loudoun Students Show Improvements on AP Exams

The rate at which Loudoun County public school students passed Advanced Placement exams outpaced their peers at the state level, according to results released this week.

All but three high schools—Park View and Dominion in Sterling and Loudoun Valley in Purcellville—exceeded the AP pass rate for the state, 63 percent. Stone Bridge High School achieved the highest pass rate of 80 percent.

The overall AP pass rate for Loudoun County Public Schools improved from 67 percent during the 2014-15 academic year to 69 percent for 2015-16. The AP pass rate increased as LCPS increased the number of AP tests taken from 13,982 in 2014-15 to 15,076 in 2015-16.

The pass rate and number of students tested for each high school is as follows:

Briar Woods, 651 test takers, 75 percent passed;

Broad Run, 615 test takers, 76 percent passed;

John Champe, 485 test takers, 67 percent passed;

Dominion, 635 test takers, 52 percent passed;

Freedom, 535 test takers, 71 percent passed;

Heritage, 332 test takers, 70 percent passed;

Loudoun County, 545 test takers, 66 percent passed;

Loudoun Valley 463 test takers, 63 percent passed;

Park View, 255 test takers; 55 percent passed;

Potomac Falls, 440 test takers, 75 percent passed;

Riverside, 254 test takers, 66 percent passed;

Rock Ridge, 405 test takers, 77 percent passed;

Stone Bridge, 686 test takers, 80 percent passed;

Tuscarora, 411 tests taken, 67 percent passed;

and Woodgrove, 556 test takers, 69 percent passed.