Letter: Sara Gallagher, Leesburg

Editor: There is no way that Crescent Parke should be built. This development has too many important outstanding issues to be allowed to built.

Traffic is always a problem here in Leesburg.  Crescent Parke is just inviting more traffic to a part to town that is already experiencing rapid increase in traffic on Harrison Street and Gateway Drive. Many of us are house-bound between three and six each afternoon, but those council members who vote for Crescent Parks it will be demonstrating they don’t care about the residents that live here now. It is all about what is best for the developer.

Some members of this council seem to believe that all development is good development. Not so. The impacts will be felt sooner than later. The schools will be impacted. This is a school area that was just involved in a very controversial boundary changes because of overcrowding. Town services will be constrained even further by the massive increase in residential housing.  The developer is asking for a parking wavier so the people in the direct area can expect parking problems on Gateway Drive. Clear cutting the hill will result in huge loss of forest.

The “gift” of Old Izaak Walton Park should be viewed as little more than a bribe. Not only will the park be given to the town, but this developer is going to maintain the pond for two years. Of course, let us not forget that the developer needs to do this as it benefits his development’s viewshed and increases his property value.

So if you take out the park, what is good about this housing development? The town gets more density—a plethora of two-over-two townhouses—a majority of townhouses narrowing from 20 feet wide to 16 feet, and an “active adult” grouping of stacked townhouses built over retail. Further, with all this housing, the developer is asking for less residential parking. Nifty, on-street parking for all those cars trucks and trailers aiding and abetting the congestion on Gateway Drive and Davis Avenue.  With this development only 12 percent of the commercial is guaranteed.  So we get more townhouses, insignificant amount of commercial building and additional tax costs to service the new development. Walkability is not a valued component of this development.

Leesburg can do better.  I plead with the town council members to really look at this development and don’t allow you to be fooled.  If you, council members, are willing to accept inferior development, inferior is what you will get.

Remember that it is the existing Leesburg residents that vote and many of us will not be voting for those who approve Crescent Parke.

Sara Gallagher, Leesburg