Letter: Cerphe Colwell, Leesburg

Editor: You recall last year’s King Street fire in historic downtown Leesburg that did extensive damage to Caulkins Jewelers and Leesburg Diner. I was so proud of the firefighters who battled the blaze as smoke and flames shot out of the roof and windows.

My radio station MusicPlanetRadio.com shared a second floor space with musician, singer-songwriter-producer Todd Wright’s business, HalfKing. With our wives in tow, Todd and I arrived and stood alongside then Leesburg Mayor Kristen Umstattd, then Vice Mayor Kelly Burk, Stilson Greene, Helen Kruger and other business men and women, watching in horror.

After watching and worrying for what seemed like hours, Todd and I rushed up the stairs to remove valuable guitars and recording equipment.  To our surprise, Mayor Umstadt and Vice Mayor Burk were right behind us and helped carry items to safety at neighboring Town Hall. I’ll never forget these two brave women carrying drums sets and guitars and so determined to help.

Now, my friend Kelly Burk is a candidate for Mayor of Leesburg. She is devoted to Leesburg and does much to support the music and art community in the town that my wife Susan and I are so proud to call our home. Anyone who walks into a burning building to save musical equipment has my vote.
Cerphe Colwell, Leesburg