Letter: Maureen Cote, Leesburg

Editor: Why attach ugly parking garages to Leesburg’s outmoded courthouse?

Why destroy the historical charm of the courthouse itself, as well as the character of downtown Leesburg, in a futile attempt to accommodate the inevitable, continuous population explosion of Loudoun County?

No matter how many floors are allocated to parking garages, the small courthouse cannot accommodate the burgeoning population being caused by the expansion of Metro and Dulles Airport, as well as the construction of several new housing developments. The courthouse and garages are doomed to be obsolete as soon as they are built.

Instead of trying to turn the courthouse into something it can never be, let the county “bite the bullet” and build a larger court complex on enough land for sufficient expansion and parking. The new complex could be attached to the old courthouse by shuttle buses, as is done at airports.

This misguided, futile attempt to expand the capacity of our small 19th century courthouse, the jewel of historic Leesburg, will serve only to destroy its charm.

Maureen Cote, Leesburg