Editorial: Hard Work Ahead

With last week’s elections, two more long-time county government leaders were added to the retirement rolls. When the terms of County Chairman Scott K. York and Eugene Delgaudio expire
Dec. 31, no supervisor will have more than four years of experience in office. Those two combined

for 37.

On the School Board, Brenda Sheridan, in the Sterling District, takes over as the senior member.
She’s served five years.

Certainly, experience is not a prerequisite for political service. And it can be a detriment, as those on Capitol Hill frequently demonstrate. However,understanding what came before can be as important as the fresh ideas new leaders bring.

As examples, those serving in Loudoun’s government today may look at the data centers and
wineries across the landscape as important community assets, but they may not realize the policy
choices and regulatory decisions that allowed those segments of the county’s economy to flourish.
With a swing of one or two votes, western Loudoun’s hillsides could just as easily have been
covered with rooftops instead of grape vines and the county’s famed “date center ally” could have
long ago been divided into suburban house lots.

A helpful lesson may come quickly in the new terms. Candidates for the Board of Supervisors
and the School Board scored campaign points with their pledge to offer universal full-day kindergarten. They’ll find there is no quick fix for that challenge. It will take a lot of money and several years to fulfill that promise.

That’s the same with most issues they’ll come across in the months ahead.
Good government requires hard work. Some of our newly elected leaders realize that. Others will
find out quickly—just like their more senior colleagues began to discover four years ago.

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