Lucky Concert-Goers to get Funked Up on Saturday


Those who frequent Leesburg’s iconic Tally Ho Theatre already know it’s the place to go in Loudoun for top-notch nationally touring acts.

Folks who were perhaps not hip to this fact are finding out the hard way this weekend, as calls continue to roll in requesting tickets to Saturday’s George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic concert, which has been sold out for months, according to Jack Devine, who handles booking for the venue.

“As far as why [this show has been] so popular, I can’t really answer that,” Devine said. “I remember when I got a call from the agent who represents George [Clinton] and how excited I got. I’m just happy everyone likes the same bands as I do.”

Indeed, those lucky enough to gain entry this weekend will be in for a night of humming bass licks, thumping drums and vocals that promise to tear the roof off the sucker, as P-Funk would put it.

If you want to join this One Nation Under a Groove (I’ll leave you to look that one up, dear reader), you could try turning up to Tally Ho’s box office before the show to inquire of any cancellations, but steel yourself for disappointment.

“We’re considering starting a waitlist for folks who are looking for tickets—stay tuned for details,” advises Devine.

In the event some room opens up on Clinton’s funky spaceship, the show begins at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, with Washington, DC-based The Funk Ark kicking things off. For details, go to


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