Airbus Expands Loudoun Support Facility

The Airbus A350 XWB is the newest aircraft in the world and Loudouners can expect to see it flying overhead.

Airbus and county leaders last week celebrated the expansion of its Ashburn spare parts facility to better support operations of carriers in Latin and North America. Parts from the Loudoun center are flown quickly to any location that maintenance is needed.

“The expansion allows Airbus to provide world-class support and service to all our customers and suppliers,” Paul Kilmister, Airbus Head of Global Warehousing and Transport, stated. “With more than 100,000 spare parts on hand, we can ensure that our customers are able to run their operations as efficiently as possible.”

As of the end of October, the A350 XWB had 787 firm orders worldwide from 40 customers.

Currently, three North American customers have orders for 82 A350 XWBs and two Latin American customers have orders for 37 more.

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