Letter: Stephen Budiansky, Leesburg

Editor:  Since the start of the Syrian civil war four years ago, more than 200,000 civilians have been killed and more than 4 million have fled the country to escape the horrors and atrocities that have destroyed their homes and livelihood. Thousands have fallen victim to the torture, rape, and executions of the Islamic State; tens of thousands more have been massacred by the government of Bashar al-Assad, one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world, which has turned artillery, bombs, machine guns, and even poison gas on its own people and carried out horrific executions and torture in its own military hospitals.

The United States has taken in 2,000 of these refugees and has plans to take in 10,000 more. All of these legally admitted immigrants are subjected to a two-year review process involving fingerprinting, background investigations, security checks, and personal interviews before being allowed into the country.

The civilian victims of Syria’s atrocities suffer every day from terror on a scale that far surpasses what America experienced on 9/11. Yet rather than show an ounce of compassion for these victims of our common enemy, Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock (R-33) last week chose to send out a morally repugnant, fear-mongering message in which he portrayed Syrian refugees in America as “radical Muslims who intend to harm the people of the United States” and ominously warned of “the cost of expanding this portion of America’s population,” suggesting that many are “just using the current unrest” to improve their economic condition and obtain free medical benefits.

When he was running for office, LaRock never missed an opportunity to trumpet his Christian faith. He shows precious little evidence of having read the Sermon on the Mount or any of the other teachings of the founder of his religion, much less applying them in his public duties.

Stephen Budiansky, Leesburg


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  • 2015-11-30 at 2:22 pm

    The author claims these refugees must undergo a two-year vetting process before being allowed into the United States. Yet Director Comey of the FBI says that is not possible. Who is right Mr. Budiansky — You, or the FBI Director?

    The administration has pledged to admit 85,000 “refugees” during this current fiscal year, just a wee bit more than “10,000.” That number is expected to surge to 100,000 per year in the following years. Will all of these people go through the two year vetting process you mention?

    Each of these individuals, when accepted and depending on their income level (being a refugee, I’d expect you come with the clothes on your back; that’s the image you wish to portray, correct?) receives direct cash payments, an immediate work permit, housing, and most are eligible for Medicaid for seven years depending upon the state. They also get SNAP assistance and job placement services. The elderly and disabled are put on Social Security for up to nine years (which really means forever). And you best add on the “free” smart phone…

    These “refugees” don’t care enough about their own country to stay and fight for change, yet Americans somehow have a, selectively invoked, moral obligation to support them?

    How many Syrian refugees are you taking into your comfortable Loudoun County home Mr. Budiansky?

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