Pardoned White House Turkeys Adjust to Life in Loudoun

Fresh from their presidential pardon at the White House yesterday, Honest and Abe are settling into their new home at Morven Park.

Abe, the official White House turkey, and his alternate, Honest, arrived at the Loudoun estate around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

It is the third year that the pardoned turkeys have been brought to the property were Gov. Westmoreland Davis once operated the country’s largest turkey farm. Abe and Honest were greeted by Franklin, the estate’s bronze turkey who is representative of Davis’ flock, and Cheese, who was pardoned by President Barack Obama one year ago.

At 2 a.m. two more joined the pen after organizers of a pardoning ceremony on Wall Street in New York asked if Morven Park had room for two more.

All seem to have spent the night peacefully together in the turkey house and emerged this morning to stretch their legs in the pen.

With is trademark gobble and fanned out display of feathers, Franklin, the elder statesman of Turkey Hill at age three and a half, appeared to have warmly accepted his four new roommates as the group warmed in the morning sun.

The White House turkeys, which are donated by commercial breeders, have a relatively short lifespan. The 2013 turkeys, Popcorn and Caramel, have passed and Cheese’s 2014 partner Mac died a few weeks ago. Abe and Honest hatched in July.

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