Round Hill Comp Plan Revisions Nearing Final Stage

The Round Hill Planning Commission is  scheduled to hear a special presentation concerning the future of its Eastern Commercial District on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at the Town Hall.

For the project, the town has had the assistance of the Loudoun County Design Cabinet, an association of professionals living or working in the county associated with the building and development industries who offer their advice free of charge to various communities or entities. The group  reviewed the Eastern Commercial District and created three possible scenarios for its development.

Those ideas were reviewed by the planning commissioners for possible inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan that is the final stages of revisions. A public hearing on the proposed plan will be held in February.

Zoning Administrator and Town Planner Melissa Hynes said it has been helpful to consider different alternatives for the proposed commercial district. The Planning Commission now can either refer to the original 2005 design, the new Design Cabinet design possibilities or an alternative proposed by NNR Development representative Clinton Chapman, when coming up with their draft changes to the Comprehensive Plan.

Over the next two weeks, the staff will update the town website with information from the town surveys and public input meetings regarding the plan.

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