Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne Woods

Editor: Wow! Receipt of the new Loudoun Now newspaper was the best Christmas present this old guy has received since getting my first two-wheel bicycle about 75 years ago.

The loss of our favorite hometown newspaper when Leesburg Today closed up shop left left so many of us who always enjoyed the format, the professional news reporting, and the editorials, truly sad.

Glancing at the first couple of editions of Loudoun Now brought back to the citizens of Loudoun County a newspaper you can easily hold because of it’s size … immediate recognition that editor Styer has assemble a team of reporters and staff members with experience, talent, and the ability to present the news without opinion shading the stories. We all look forward to our new weekly newspaper with great enthusiasm and a sincere hope for month by month increasing success.

As one who has always believed in spending our money at home and supporting any venture that provides the wonderful living environment we enjoy here in Loudoun County we say hip, hip, hooray to the entire staff for once again becoming the focus of all who truly enjoy a good hometown newspaper.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne Woods

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