Loudoun County Audit Comes Back Clean

“I bring good news,” said Rob Churchman from Loudoun’s independent auditor, Cherry Bekaert.

Churchman told the Loudoun Board of Supervisors’ finance committee Tuesday that his firm once again found the county’s financial statements in order. Churchman said Loudoun’s statements are generally fairly presented and in accordance with accepted accounting principles.

Although the firm found Loudoun’s statements correctly reported “in all material respects,” committee members asked about some of the apparently minor issues raised in the audit.

Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) asked about a report of late statements of economic interest filed by elected officials. Churchman said the problem was common across the state.

“If I recall, these were two forms that weren’t submitted in time for December,” said Janet Romanchyk, a controller in county accounting and financial analysis, adding that since then controls have been put in place that cause the county attorney to follow up on those statements.

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