Loudoun Adopts Pawnbroker Regulations

Representatives from law enforcement, the scrap metal industry, and HVAC work assured the Board of Supervisor during a public hearing Wednesday that they are happy with revised regulations governing secondhand dealers and scrap metal buyers.

Bruce Rahmani, president of Falcon HVAC, said he hoped the new regulations will discourage theft from his company.

“We are continuously being victimized by burglary and theft at the job sites,” Rahmani said. “Our equipment gets stolen and ends up in the scrapyards.”

Eric Zwilski, vice president of Potomac Metals, which does scrap metal recycling in Sterling, told the board his company had worked closely with the sheriff’s office to craft the revised regulations, and supported the new draft fully.

Currently, Loudoun does not regulate pawnbrokers. An earlier version of the regulations was presented at a July 8 public hearing, but changes to the draft language were enough to warrant a new hearing.

The new rules would require pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, precious metals and gem dealers, and scrap metal dealers to get a license from the sheriff’s office. They would also have to maintain detailed, photographic records of their inventory and transactions, transmit those records to the sheriff, and allow law enforcement to enter and inspect their premises and records without a search warrant. The total number of pawnshops in Loudoun will be limited to eight; there will be no more than 15 precious metals and gem dealers allowed.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Major Mark Poland told the board the rules would not regulate merchandise that is donated.

The board approved the ordinance 8-0-1, with Supervisor Kenneth D. Reid (R-Leesburg) absent.

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