Creighton’s Corner Custodians Receive a Big ‘Thank You’

The holidays will be a little bit brighter this year for the custodians at Creighton’s Corner Elementary in Ashburn, thanks to the efforts of two third-graders.

Mallory Smith and Samantha Bernat, with the help of Principal Chris Knott, implemented Custodian Appreciation Day on Dec. 17.

“The custodians clean up after everyone else, and nobody thanks them ever,” Mallory stated in a news release from Loudoun County Public Schools.

On Custodian Appreciation Day, the two students carried a banner through the halls, followed by the school’s custodial team. The school’s 1,300 students lined the hallways to clap and cheer for the team that works hard to keep the building tidy.

At the conclusion of the parade, Mallory and Samantha presented the custodians with student-made thank you cards. The girls’ project also raised more than $1,500, so each custodian received a box filled with gift cards in varying amounts to local businesses and $250 cash.

Mallory was quoted after the school’s inaugural Custodian Appreciation Day: “I feel good about doing something good for someone else.”

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