Expanded Lovettsville Community Center Gets Green Light

The news that the Board of Supervisors authorized an additional $1.5 million for construction of the new Lovettsville Community Center has delighted town leaders.

“We’re thrilled,” Mayor Bob Zoldos said Monday.

The extra money will allow the addition of several features the town had requested for more than two years—a dedicated space for seniors, a fitness room, and renovations to the existing pool house.

Zoldos said the council’s concern had been that the county was going to build the center only to the size of the existing one and would not allow for expansion. The existing community center will be razed.

“But, we growing, we’re need to expand to serve more people, and one of the big demands was for a dedicated space for seniors. [Catoctin Supervisor] Geary [Higgins] came through strong for us,” Zoldos said

But he is even more excited about the proposed renovations to the pool house at the facility. “The Lovettsville swim team is one of the stronger teams in the area,” Zoldos said, noting many in town and the surrounding areas use the pool facility.

“We have a couple of hundred kids each weekend.” he said. “It’s an amazing amount of kids, and the pool house was built for a few people—not hundreds.”

Higgins was equally pleased that his board colleagues supported the extra funding. Town leaders have been pressing for the expansion and the senior and fitness facilities as well as the pool house improvements for two years, he noted.

Higgins agreed the senior services were needed, noting that the Heritage Highlands development alone proves the point there is a growing number of seniors in town. He noted that Lovettsville’s pool is used by residents as far away as Waterford, Hamilton and Purcellville.

“Design is 75 percent complete,” Parks, Recreation and Community Services planner Mark Hoffman said. The new enhancements will have to be designed and added to the project. That process will take four to six months, after which the project will be put to bids. Construction could begin late in 2016.


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