Letter: Kathleen Devereux, Purcellville

Editor: It is a first. I have not written a letter to a newspaper before this evening. But I kept the latest issue of Loudoun Now on my desk as a reminder to send you and your staff my thanks for picking up the slack once Leesburg Today abruptly closed down.

My first job out of college was working as a reporter for a daily newspaper in a small city. My main competition came from a weekly newspaper in the county I covered. Local habit was to release news on the weekly’s press deadline. It created good, healthy competition—if not some frustration on my part.

Loudoun County is too big, diverse and dynamic to have only one local paper. So best of luck, and, I hope, continued local support for your new endeavor. I plan on supporting those businesses who advertise in your newspaper, and mention it when I can.

Thanks again.

Kathleen Devereux, Purcellville

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