Draft Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Recognizing that persons holding a public office have been given a public trust and that the stewardship of such office demands the highest levels of ethical, and moral conduct as well as integrity and professionalism to maintain the highest levels of public confidence in Loudoun County government, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has instituted and affirmed this Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.  Loudoun County Board of Supervisors should adhere to the following ethics and conduct standards while serving in their positions of public trust:

  1. Uphold their sworn Oath of Office.
  2. Endeavor to comply with Federal, State and Local laws. A violation that constitutes a misdemeanor or felony should be reported under paragraph 14.
  3. Comply with all laws applying to political campaigns and elected public officials including but not limited to laws encompassing campaign finance, campaign disclosures, Freedom of Information, economic interest disclosures, land use disclosures, and Conflict of Interest matters.
  4. File all required campaign and public official documents in a timely manner.
  5. Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and place the best interests of Loudoun County and its citizens above all others.
  6. Give a full measure of effort to the position of trust for which stewardship has been given and make best efforts in performance of all public duties.
  7. As a Corporate Body, adopt policies  and  programs that are in accordance with the  County’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and that support the rights  and  recognize the needs of ALL CITIZENS.
  8. Engage in no business with Loudoun County Government or Loudoun County Public Schools, which is inconsistent with the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act or the Public Procurement Act.
  9. Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Disclose any personal or professional interest in any item coming before the Board which might be reasonably interpreted as a conflict and which might be perceived as rendering direct personal gain for oneself, one’s family, or any organization which a Board member has a financial interest.
  10. Never use any information gainedcconfidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means of making private profit for oneself one’s family, staff, close family relation or any business in which a Board member has a personal financial interest.
  11. Grant no special favors or privileges to any individual or entity based on political donations or personal relationships.
  12. Use county resources, county staff or staff that is in any way financially compensated by the County of Loudoun, only to conduct county business. Adhere to Board policy regarding district budgets and our own legislative aides.
  13. Be transparent to the greatest degree possible when conducting public business. It is recognized that conducting all business in an open meeting is not always in the best interest of the public.  Adhere to Virginia Code and only enter Closed Session when clearly allowed by law to serve the public’s interests.
  14. If at any time a member of Loudoun County Board of Supervisors becomes aware of his or her intentional or unintentional violation of this Code of Ethics said person will immediately make that violation known to the two highest ranking members of the Board of Supervisors (in accordance with the Board’s approved Rules of Order) not involved in the violation.
  15. Treat the public, staff, and each other with professionalism, courtesy and respect. Respect all opinions and maintain a professional atmosphere in both public and private meetings.

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