Letter: John Mileo, Lansdowne

Editor: I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the gentlemen who immediately responded to my urgent call for medical assistance, last Thursday at the Wegmans in Leesburg.

While I was sitting in my parked vehicle noshing on a croissant that I had just purchased, I suddenly began choking on a piece of food that had become stuck in my throat and instantly left my vehicle and frantically approached a gentlemen who was walking toward his car. Recognizing my dilemma, which I signaled to him by pointing to my throat and attempting to utter the word “Heimlich,” he immediately responded by properly administering this life-saving maneuver; with two abdominal thrust the food particle became dislodged from my throat.

In addition to my being most grateful to the gentlemen who came to my rescue, I wish to urge everyone to learn this important life-saving technique.  Free on-line instructional classes, as well as classroom training courses are offered (for a small fee) by the American Red Cross and other local organizations.

John Mileo, Lansdowne

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