Resident Raises Brutality Allegations Against Purcellville PD in 2008 Arrest

During the Purcellville Town Council’s Jan. 12 meeting, Bluemont resident Jeanne Girolami publicly accused the Purcellville Police Department of misconduct and wrongful arrest of her husband in 2008 and announced she is seeking financial reparation from the town.

Giramoli had earlier met with Mayor Kwasi Fraser and Town Attorney Sally Hankins. Fraser declined to place the matter on last week’s council meeting agenda, but invited Girolami to air her grievance during the public comment session.

Girolami sent an email to local media Jan. 8 claiming the case “involves a case of false arrest, falsified evidence and malicious prosecution.”

In her email, she claimed that fabricated evidence had “helped the County of Loudoun to maliciously prosecute the man, knowing full well that the charges and evidence he brought before the court were fraudulent.”

Town representatives declined to comment on the claims. Former Police Chief Darryl Smith did not return phone calls seeking comment.

In 2008, the Girolamis were dog walkers for the Lowry family, who lived on South Maple Avenue, next to Teresa Maxwell. The Sept. 2, 2008, incident appeared to have stemmed from a fender bender by Girolami’s husband, Louis, who ran into Maxwell’s fence.

Girolami claimed her husband had not received a trespass order and that Maxwell had called the police to arrest him. Girolami said her husband, who is diabetic, had broken his arm a few days prior to his arrest after a fall and had it surgically repaired. She claimed it was re-broken and badly injured during the arrest.

Girolami, who was away on vacation at the time, said her husband spent 12 hours in jail, the couple’s three dogs were seized and taken to the animal shelter, and her husband’s truck was seized. She further claimed her husband was refused medical care for his arm while in jail and also was refused insulin for his diabetes. “They believed he was faking it,” she said.

“The chief of police should have apologized; he manufactured evidence,” she alleged during the council meeting, adding her husband was taken to court and told he needed to plead guilty or they would file other charges.

Purcellville Police records show that a trespass notification order dated Feb. 21, 2007, was issued to Louis and Jeanne Girolami notifying them to refrain from entering Maxwell’s property or be subject to arrest.

General District Court records show that Louis Girolami appeared before District Court Judge Julia Cannon on Nov. 14, 2008, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 days in jail, all suspended. Other conditions imposed were that he permanently remain off the Maxwell property and not to walk the Lowrys’ dogs for a year. He was put on probation for one year, according to the disposition order.

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