Editorial: Snowed In

In the wake of a snowstorm of historic proportions it seems patently unfair to criticize the snow removal effort. And there may be a bit of armchair quarterbacking in questioning the Town of Leesburg’s road-clearing strategy.

But it cannot be ignored that something went horribly wrong in town.

Following a blizzard, residents in the far reaches of rural Loudoun have reason to expect to be snowed in for a week. That’s a lifestyle choice. That is not an expectation a resident living in a town subdivision should have, however.

The concern is not that these residents have been inconvenienced; their safety has been jeopardized.

The poor performance cannot be undone. This week there were too few people working too hard at a tough job.

Those town leaders who think it imprudent to invest more into emergency equipment and manpower, should keep in mind that this is the second “Storm of the Century” we’ve had in the past six years. It won’t be long before they are put to the test again.

Leesburg was once the county’s leader in snow-removal efficiency. That should be the town’s goal and residents’ expectation.

2 thoughts on “Editorial: Snowed In

  • 2016-01-28 at 11:54 am

    Well said. What amazes me the most, is why, when the weather reports clearly set out what was coming, did the Town Manager and the CURRENT Leesburg Town Council members decide that a “new” approach was to be instituted now, leading to this mess. I guess it may be true, that by pure will and personality, former Mayor Umstattd had the ability to keep things on track, and get the best out of the town’s resources. I know she will bring that same energy to the county issues facing we Leesburg residents. I just wish the current council members had even a thimble full of Kristen Umstattd’s abilities. It is a good thing that there is a November election for the Town this year. We, as voters, need to take a hard look at replacing Dave Butler, Tom Dunn, and Katie Hammler, whose terms are up this year, should they decide to run again. I am most interested in hearing from challengers what their ideas are on how to prevent this mess from happening again.

  • 2016-01-28 at 12:41 pm

    It never ceases to amaze me how elected leaders in the region continue to “fall on the ice” when it comes to snow removal. Every storm there is some blubbering pol standing at a mic taking a verbal beating. You would think elected officials would have learned that getting snow off the streets is a critical task, if not for the safety of the citizens, then for the security of their elected position.

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