Letter: Tom Jeavons, Lansdowne

Editor: Loudoun Now published an interesting article on Jan. 20, 2016, titled “County, Utility Battle over Pipeline Price; Road Project May Stall.”

It seems Joe Kroboth of the county Department of Transportation is accusing a gas utility company of misleading him while the utility denies any such thing. It seems that after two plus years Mr. Kroboth and the board of supervisors are now outraged about a cost increase of $1.44 million for the Croson Lane/Old Ryan Road project.

What has the process been for the past two plus years that now makes this cost increase such a shock?

I question the process because the property owners of Lansdowne are currently involved in a utility easement dispute relating to the Rt. 7/Rt. 659 interchange project. An inadequate project design, which seems to have come from the county Department of Transportation, has resulted in Lansdowne property owners being harmed by property rights violations.

And even though Mr. Kroboth’s department is likely wholly accountable for the problem, the county seems less than forthcoming in helping to resolve the matter. Like the Croson Lane/Old Ryan Road problem, the interchange issue is generating little urgency within the county.

When the board of supervisors discovers that millions of additional dollars may be needed to complete the interchange project, hopefully the good people of Lansdowne will not also be accused of “extortion” and “blackmail.”

Tom Jeavons, Lansdowne

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