School Board Poised to Adopt Budget Tonight

Loudoun’s School Board is slated to adopt a spending plan for the county’s 76,000-student school system tonight.

The board is using a $1.07 billion budget recommended by Superintendent Eric Williams as its starting place. Williams’ proposal is $86.7 million—or 8.8 percent—more than the current fiscal year’s budget.

The superintendent has said the boost in funds is needed to cover the cost of a new elementary school, an expansion of full-day kindergarten and an additional 1,978 students expected to enroll this fall. See details of the proposed budget here.

The board’s meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Watch the meeting live here. And stay with for school budget coverage. @danielle_nadler

One thought on “School Board Poised to Adopt Budget Tonight

  • 2016-02-02 at 4:07 pm

    Here are some issues to watch for:

    1. It’s not wonder Hornberger has a greedy smile on his face in the picture above as he is set to vote his household a big raise. The question is will he follow the Conflict of Interest law and disclose that conflict. He hasn’t in the past and the issue will definitely be litigated if he does not. Turgeon and DeKenipp also have the same conflict according to their bios.

    2. LCPS claimed that a major reason for “per pupil spending increases” was the enrollment growth of students. Say what?! Enrollment growth at a constant per pupil expenditure increases the overall budget but not the per pupil cost. LCPS’ financial dept must be completely incompetent or think we are all fools.

    3. LCPS has justified salary scale adjustments targeted at mid-level teachers (these are increases over and above step increases that are given every year) to reduce attrition. Yet, according to their own data (that LCPS apparently never reviews) mid-level teachers on steps 11-21 are the least likely to leave. So why aren’t any increases directed at junior teachers in steps 1-6 who are among the most likely to leave and whose step increases typically amount to only ~$500/yr? This is payback to …. yep those board members with spouses working as teachers.

    4. We’ve had 7%+ budget growth for years now even though enrollment growth is only around 3.5% and inflation (CPI) is << 1%. Why doesn't the BOS force LCPS to produce a 5-year budget so we don't get "surprises" like the VRS contribution rate increase. Hint, there is another big VRS rate increase coming in the next 1-2 years but LCPS won't tell you about that since taxpayers may worry we'll have another massive 8%+ increase next year (you are right, it will definitely be 8%+).

    Supt Williams apparently thought only 15% of LCPS teachers had masters degrees (it's closer to 2/3). Those are the kinds of answer LCPS provides the public and to school board members as they prepare this "accurate" budget. Let's not even discuss how LCPS has consistently overestimated the cost of step increases (pegged at $16.8M in previous years but suddenly dropped to $10.4M after my FOIA requests). Does anyone believe anything these officials say? Can we please make a trade for Fairfax's Supt Garza? I'm sure they'd switch if we throw in $M's to sweeten the deal.

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