Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor:  The rising popularity of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump can best be explained by what I like to call “The 4th Earl of Loudoun Theory.”

Many other theories abound, but I believe my theory clearly describes why many Republicans and even some Democrats are supporting Mr. Trump to be the next U.S. president.       You may already know that The 4th Earl of Loudoun (for whom Loudoun County is named) became in 1756 the Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of Virginia and the Commander-in-Chief of British forces in America, but you may be surprised, as I was, to learn that he apparently botched his responsibilities.

According to author Harrison Williams in his book titled “Legends of Loudoun,” The 4th Earl of Loudoun “incurred great unpopularity.” His job performance was described as “far from glorious,” and in one of his military campaigns he reportedly displayed “ineptitude and dilatory inefficiency” for which he was “peremptorily recalled to England in 1757.”  Even Founding Father Benjamin Franklin complained that The Earl (birth name: John Campbell) “was like King George upon the signposts, always on horseback but never advancing.”

Just like the 4th Earl of Loudoun, President Obama and most of our leaders in the the US Congress have incurred great unpopularity among a majority of citizens.

In a recent Gallup Poll, 80 percent of citizens have disapproved of the far from glorious job performance of the US Congress. Perhaps the most glaring example of ineptitude and dilatory inefficiency is in how they have allowed our nation’s debt to get out of control. Because of the president’s increasingly-unpopular policies and thanks to Loudoun County’s three representatives in the US Congress—Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and Republican Barbara Comstock—who have voted to spend our tax dollars to support those policies, our national debt will have nearly doubled to $19 Trillion during Mr. Obama’s time in office.

Unlike The 4th Earl of Loudoun, Mr. Trump has incurred great popularity with a large swath of citizens because of his leadership skills, his negotiating skills, his proven success as a financially-literate businessman, and his dogged determination to help reduce the nation’s debt while advancing our country’s economy, safety and reputation.

Thus, my theory is that Mr. Trump’s popularity is rising because he is very unlike most of our current leaders who are perceived by many citizens as epitomes of The 4th Earl of Loudoun.

If Mr. Trump earns the presidency and then you hear afterwards that the reason for his election was the “The 4th Earl of Loudoun Theory,” remember that you read it here first.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

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