Loudoun Valley Student Charged for Alleged Bomb Threat

A Loudoun Valley High School student will have to appear in court for threatening to bomb the high school, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

On Jan. 15, the student allegedly made a statement about hurting individuals at the school, prompting an investigation by the Loudoun Valley school resource officer. A subsequent investigation determined the teen’s statement was “about perpetrating a hoax of a threat” at the school, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Yesterday the student was served a juvenile petition, which means the minor will be arraigned in front of a juvenile court judge. The teen’s name was not released because he or she is a minor.

In the days following the threat, word of a possible attack spread fast throughout the Purcellville community, prompting many parents to keep their children home from school Tuesday, Jan. 19, the first school day following the apparent threats.

Attendance was down to 70 percent that day, below the usual 95 percent.

Principal Sue Ross sent an email to parents Jan. 17 urging them to send students to school the next day. “There was, and is, no credible threat to student and staff safety at Loudoun Valley,” she wrote.

The next day, she sent an emailing indicating disappointment in students who stayed home from school. “I thank the students who came to school today for exhibiting the maturity and sound thinking we expect of them,” she wrote.

Many parents went to social media sites to express frustration in how the principal handled the situation.


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