MS-9 May Soon be Called Brambleton Middle School

The middle school long-referred to as simply MS-9 will soon have name.

The Loudoun County School Board initially voted last June to name the school after former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker John F. Ryan, following the recommendation of a naming committee. It later reversed its decision after community members brought to light that Ryan might have ushered in racial segregation laws. The naming committee was asked to go back to the drawing board.

Seven months later, its members have put forward a new recommendation: Brambleton Middle School. Their alternate choice is Beaverdam Creek Middle School, after the nearby reservoir.

The School Board, which was presented the recommendation Tuesday, will likely adopt the name Brambleton; John F. Ryan is the first recommended name the board has rejected in recent history.

While a vote to adopt the name is not scheduled until Feb. 23, Tom Marshall (Leesburg) took time during Tuesday’s meeting to register his distaste for schools named after developments, like Brambleton.

“Loudoun County has a great deal of history and exceptional individuals for whom a school could be named after,” he said, suggesting Gen. George C. Marshall, President James Monroe or Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis. “I don’t think artificially created community HOAs or long-forgotten bridges, ridges, corners and creeks or mills, stations or landings are more worthy of recognition as names of schools than an individual with historical significance to our county, our state or our nation.”

To weigh in about the name ahead of the vote, email the board at

The $49.34 million middle school will open to students in August 2017.

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