Strike Three: Driver in 2003 DUI Fatality Sent Back to Prison

A man convicted of manslaughter in a fatal 2003 drunken diving hit-and-run case is headed back to jail for more than 10 years, according to the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Larry Duane Arnold, 37, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and hit and run after he struck and killed Harold Blewitt III, who was driving a scooter on Rt. 28 in November 2003. Arnold had a blood alcohol level of .12 and fled the scene after the collision.

Arnold was sentenced to serve three years and eight months in prison. An additional 16 years and four months of suspended time also was imposed.

He was released from prison in September 2007 and placed on supervised probation.

In 2011, Arnold was arrested and convicted of driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, which resulted in a probation violation in Loudoun County. He was ordered to complete the detention and diversion center programs through the Virginia Department of Corrections.

In January 2015, Arnold was charged in Pennsylvania with assault, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence. He was sentenced to jail time there and upon his release was sent back to Loudoun for another probation violation hearing in Circuit Court, where his suspended sentence was revoked. He is expected to remain in prison until at least 2028.

“Despite efforts to curb Mr. Arnold’s addictions, his continued alcohol abuse placed the public in danger,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman said in a statement announcing the court action. “There comes a time when a person’s behavior dictates their future. The Court clearly determined it was not willing to risk losing another innocent life at the hands of Mr. Arnold and incarceration was the only way to ensure that outcome.”

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