Letter: Lee Hooks, Purcellville

Hooks letter

Editor: During to the recent storms, the bridge over Catoctin Creek on Allder School Road between Rt. 287 and Purcellville Road was damaged and had to be closed for repairs.

Then a culvert to the west of the bridge began to wash out and that threatened to isolate and cut off several families and a business. It also would prevent emergency services from reaching us in case of fire or a health crisis.

On Thursday morning Feb. 18, I called Mr. LaRock’s office to see if he could help us. Even though he and his staff were in Richmond for the legislative session, I was told they would look into the matter. Within hours I was contacted by his office that VDOT had visited and assessed the road damage and 24 hours later VDOT was here on Allder School Road making temporary repairs.

I want to thank Mr. LaRock and his office for the excellent constituent service and also VDOT for responding so quickly.

Lee “Doc” Hooks, Purcellville

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