Hillsboro Celebrates Councilwoman Ware on Her 80th

It was Belle Ware Day in Hillsboro on Sunday when more than 150 people joined in the celebration of the vice mayor’s 80th birthday at the Old Stone School.

Ware knew about the lunchtime birthday hoopla, but she didn’t know that the council would honor her in a more permanent way.

The school’s upstairs room where fourth and fifth graders learned their three Rs was rededicated as the Tulip Ware Room. Previously, it was named in honor of Barbara Tulip, a contemporary of Ware’s who helped preserve the building in the mid-1970s. Ware also was involved in that movement. The room now honors both women, for their efforts to save the building and Ware’s long history of service to the community.

The council and residents applauded as the room was officially dedicated. Mark Ware presented his mother with the dedication plaque and Mayor Roger Vance made a congratulatory speech to his longtime colleague.

Councilwoman Amy Marasco Newton said the surprise was complete.

“She was thrilled—she cried,” Marasco Newton said, as Belle Ware was surrounded by friends and family members—“from babies  to their 90s.”

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