Letter: Rebecca B. Fuller, Hillsboro Charter Academy

Editor: Your recent use of a photograph depicting the sign that welcomes people to Hillsboro Elementary School serves only to mislead the public. In an article entitled “Senate Rejects Controversial Charter Power Grab” you detailed the Virginia Senate’s decision to reject a bill which would have amended the state constitution, divesting local school boards of control over charters. Neither Hillsboro Elementary nor its successor, Hillsboro Charter Academy (HCA), were involved in the creation of House Bill 3. The Board of Directors of HCA did not take a position on the proposed legislation.

The outcome of this vote has no impact on the signed contractual agreement between Loudoun County Public Schools and HCA. The HCA charter was developed through the existing process that is currently in effect throughout the commonwealth for the creation of charter schools. The founders of HCA went through an 18-month vetting process during which the application to the Loudoun County School Board was revised and adapted four times ensuring that concerns could be addressed and stipulations of the local division were met. In the end, HCA was granted its contract for charter by an 8-1 vote of support from the local School Board. Since that time, the board of directors of HCA has continued to work collaboratively with the LCPS administration on a timeline to opening in August, 2016.

Hillsboro Elementary School is not a charter school. It is currently a Loudoun County public school which has a proud tradition as the center of the smallest incorporated town in the commonwealth. Using a picture of the school’s sign serves only to confuse the public about the status of Hillsboro Charter Academy and charter schools in general as alternative, tuition free, public education choices for the children of Virginia.

Rebecca B. Fuller, President

Board of Directors, Hillsboro Charter Academy

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