Letter: JD Norman, Leesburg

Editor:  Whether it’s the Tea Party or Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, we are surrounded by proof that the American people are fed up with politicians who say anything to get elected, but forget the “little people” once they are in office.

Unfortunately, what many among us don’t realize is that out-of-touch politicians are not isolated to Washington, DC. We have several of our own right here in Leesburg.

The Town Council voted Tuesday night to approve the Pennington Garage on North Street, thereby ignoring several viable alternatives, caving in to pressure from the county, and turning a deaf ear to significant opposition from local residents.

To be fair, Councilmen Tom Dunn and Marty Martinez deserve our thanks and recognition for standing with the local neighborhood and voting against this ill-advised project. I will personally be supporting their reelection campaigns in the fall, and I urge anyone interested in preserving the charm of our beloved Town to do the same.

Mayor David Butler and Council Members Kelly Burk, Suzanne Fox, and Katie Hammler:  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

When given the opportunity to be the voice of the people of Leesburg—to courageously serve the purpose for which you were elected—you gutlessly caved allowing the county to take the cheap, easy, lazy route at the expense of a once beautiful neighborhood.

The people of Leesburg will not forget your betrayal of our trust. In fact, we will be reminded of it every day.

As we drive through the charming streets of the historic downtown, this massive, ugly, four-story parking monstrosity, shoehorned into our once-beautiful neighborhood, will stand as a monument to your cynicism, your ineptitude, and your cowardice.

As my neighbors and I look out our windows and our once-unobstructed view is polluted by a hulking block of brick, metal, and concrete, we will remember when you abandoned us.

As we walk through the once-quiet North Street neighborhood and our children’s safety is threatened by a new influx of traffic far beyond the capacity of our once-placid streets, we will remember that you turned your noses up at hundreds of petition signers and hung us out to dry.            We will not forget your betrayal, and I, for one, will do all I can to make sure it never happens again.

I have committed to do all within my power to support your opponents in November. I will support them financially, with my time, and with my voice. I will remind everyone I can that when you had the chance to earn our votes and stand for us, you turned a deaf ear and threw us under the bus.

If it were up to me, I’d name the Pennington Garage after the four of you so it would be inextricably linked to your forever tarnished legacies of public “service.”

But nonetheless, long after you leave office—and hopefully, that day will come soon—the people of Leesburg will remember.

JD Norman, Leesburg

2 thoughts on “Letter: JD Norman, Leesburg

  • 2016-02-27 at 4:36 pm

    May I suggest that the letter writer get behind the “Tom Dunn For Mayor” effort. That way, when Tom Dunn loses AGAIN, we can truly see the last of Tom Dunn.

  • 2016-02-29 at 9:24 pm

    Obviously the placement of this structure impacts you personally (you live across the street) so understandable that you are concerned about the change. Seems like the view from your place right now is of a utility pole and some weeds. Maybe you can try to get the town to put in some proper landscaping, bury the unsightly above ground utilities and actually improve the view from your home as part of this project. The garage itself is set back quite a bit from North Street. The downtown streets (particularly North) are already quite busy with car traffic to the existing Pennigton lot/courts etc, not really a quiet street at all.

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