Loudoun Supervisor Buffington Endorses Rubio

Another Loudoun Republican has backed Marco Rubio’s bid for the presidency.

Loudoun Supervisor Tony R. Buffington (R-Blue Ridge) announced Saturday evening that he endorses Rubio “based on his clear and realistic vision for America.”

The endorsement comes in advance of  Rubio’s planned campaign rally in Purcellville on Sunday and just days before Virginia’s voters head to the polls for Super Tuesday primary voting March 1.

Buffington said his experience as a Marine Corps veteran informed his choice.

“I just think it’s important that we do have a Commander in Chief who understands the military, is well versed in foreign affairs, and, like Marco Rubio, is also well versed in intelligence,” Buffington said.

Buffington also said Rubio is the candidate he trusts to listen to his military advisors’ advice.

“I don’t believe that someone like Trump would seriously heed the counsel of top military commanders,” Buffington said. “I think he would just do what he wants regardless.”

Buffington joins Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles), Supervisor Ron A. Meyer Jr. (R-Broad Run), and U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10) in endorsing Rubio.  The Blue Ridge District supervisor said Rubio’s vision was the most “clear and realistic,” and echoed other supervisors’ opinion that Rubio is also the most electable of frontrunner Republican candidates.

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“I just think that he best represents the diversity of our area, and he best understands Northern Virginia and what we need here, so I think he would be best suited to be president and represent our needs in Loudoun County,” Buffington said.


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