Municipal Election Ballots Set for May

As of Tuesday night’s deadline for candidates to file in mayoral and council races in five western Loudoun towns, 28 are seeking to appear on the ballots.

The mayors’ positions are for two years, while council terms are for four years. An asterisk in the list below denotes incumbents among those who had filed their paperwork by the 7 p.m. March 1 deadline.

As of Tuesday at 7 p.m., Brown said she still had to make a final check on the petitions for candidates Melanie A. Fuller, Sam P. Chapman, Ryan Cool and Kelli Grim in Purcellville and the address for Tony C. Pearce in Middleburg before she could qualify them. All the paperwork was received in a timely manner. By law, Brown has three days in which to perform that task.


The Purcellville election is the most hotly contested of all five towns, representing a power struggle for control of town policy on a council that since its election in 2014 has struggled to find cohesion and unanimity.

The May 3 ballot also features a special election to fill the unexpired term of former Vice Mayor Ben Packard.

Mayor: Kwasi A. Fraser*;  Joan S. Lehr

Town Council (3 seats):John A. Nave*;  Patrick F. McConville II*;Chris J. Hamilton; Chris T. Bledsoe; Nedim Ogelman; Sam P. Chapman; Ryan J. Cool

Special Election (1 seat): Melanie Fuller*;  Sandy Nave; Kelli M. Grim

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Chairman Eamon Coy, after announcing earlier he would run for council, has taken himself out of contention after suffering a torn meniscus.

Patrick Henry Senior Chris J. Hamilton, who is running for council, got a scare in his first attempt for office. He received a notice from the Registrar’s Office announcing he would be assessed a $100 penalty because he had not filed his Statement of Organization within the required time. After a search, General Registrar Judy Brown found the missing paperwork and issued an apology to Hamilton.


 Town Council (3 Seats): John D. Unger*; Matthew L. Clark*; Kenneth C. Wine*


Mayor: Bob Zoldos II*

Town Council: Mike T. Senate*; Jim D. McIntyre*; Robert D. Gentile


Mayor: Betsy Allen Davis*

Town Council (3 Seats): Trowbridge M. Littleton; Tony C. Pearce; Kevin Daly; Phillip M. Miller

Trowbridge M. Littleton is the son of current Councilman Trowbridge Littleton, who will not run for another term.

Round Hill

Mayor: Scott Ramsey*

Town Council (3 seats): Mary Anne K. Graham*; Mike K. Minshall; Kim D. Fortunato

One thought on “Municipal Election Ballots Set for May

  • 2016-03-04 at 5:42 pm

    Seems like this Town Council election in Purcellville is about trust. Who do you trust will listen and be guided by concerns of the voters. I’ve talked to candidate Chris T. Bledsoe. He has excellent credentials and seems like he will listen to residents before deciding how to vote, especially on development issues. I have been told that candidates Nedim Ogelman and Ryan J. Cool are concerned about the need to listen to residents, as well.
    The current Mayor, Kwasi Fraser, is one of the most dynamic officeholders that I seen for quite some time in Loudoun. Not only does he possess excellent professional training, but he is a careful and respectful listener. Purcellville is benefitting from both of those skill sets. I hope voters recognize what an extraordinary leader he is, and elect him overwhelmingly in the coming election.

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