One Loudoun Developer Connects with Young Professionals

Bill May was the featured speaker during Tuesday’s ExeConnect program sponsored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals group at Old Ox Brewery.

In the program business leaders are asked to discuss their backgrounds, including what they were doing when they were in their 20s and 30s and who were their influences.

Old Ox BreweryThe One Loudoun developer talked about his first trip to Ashburn.

“I didn’t have a smart phone. I had an old map you get at 7/11 and there were very little roads on the map for Ashburn,” May said. “Loudoun County Parkway was a two-lane dirt road from Rt. 7 to Redskins Park.”

His best advice for the young professionals gathered for the event was: “Work hard. Decide early to work hard. Hard work never hurt anyone.”

He was asked about the tough times, such as weathering the recession that stalled One Loudoun and many other development projects. “First of all you don’t sleep much at night, your hair turns lighter and you may have one drink more than you’re used to,” May said, adding, “Being in business is not for sissies”

The next LoudounYP ExeConnect event will be May 3 at The Zone in Ashburn. The group will have a social April 5 at Crescent Place in Leesburg. See details at

The Chamber's Amber Davidson with Old Ox Brewery's Graham Burns.
The Chamber’s Amber Davison with Old Ox Brewery’s Graham Burns.

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