Cricketers Press for More Fields

Representatives from the Washington Cricket League youth team and the Future Stars School of Cricket came to the Board of Supervisors last week to ask for more cricket fields in Loudoun.

Cricketers told the board new pitches would bring touring teams and their tourism dollars into the county, as well as allowing local cricketers more places to play.

Youth league player Aadit Motwani said people in his Loudoun Valley Estates neighborhood love to play, but can’t play in the WCL youth league because the fields are too far away.

“If my dad can stay fit and play for another nine years, I hope to play with him on the Lazy Lions team in the Loudoun County league as well,” Motwani said.

Supervisor Matthew F. Letouneau (R-Dulles) said there has been “a great deal of progress,” with cricket fields constructed or planned at several parks, but said cricket fields are a tough to fit into existing parks because of their large size.

“Considering four years ago there were no pitches, I feel like we are being pretty responsive,” Letourneau said after the meeting. “What I’ve told them is beyond that, we’re going to have to look at some kind of public-private partnership.”

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