Photo Gallery: Airlifting Two Rescue Dogs

Leesburg Executive Airport Commission Chairman Dennis Boykin took Wednesday off to “play hooky”—flying his 1969 Piper Comanche C to Fayetteville, NC, and back to pick up two rescue dogs for the Pilots N Paws program. Pilots N Paws is a nonprofit organization that helps connect people who shelter, foster, or rescue animals with volunteer pilots to transport them.

Boykin joined Pilots N Paws after starting another organization to rescue English Springer Spaniels. Wednesday, he transported Dexter, a German Shepherd, and Leo, a mix. Dexter and Leo were being transported from the Cumberland County, NC, shelter to new homes through Promises Animal Rescue in Gainesville, VA.

Pilots N Paws is a great way for pilots to do good while getting flight time—dogs don’t count under FAA rules for carrying passengers, and pilots can write off the aviation fuel they burn as a donation to a charitable organization.

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