Changes Planned for Loudoun Bus Routes

Loudoun County Transit is taking comment on plans to change some bus routes and fares.

Under the proposal, fares on routes 72, 83, and 84 would be reduced from $2 to $1, and transfers between local routes would be free. Long-haul bus fares would increase from $8 per trip to $9.

Route 62, the Ashburn Connector, would run more often, but the Ashburn Village Boulevard leg to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne would be eliminated. Instead, the bus route would extend to One Loudoun, allowing a transfer to Route 70 to Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Route 72, the Wiehle Express, would increase in frequency and stop service along Russell Branch Parkway east of One Loudoun and to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne.

Route 85, the Dulles South Connector, would now run along Rt. 50 from Stone Springs Boulevard to Loudoun County Parkway, and along Loudoun County Parkway from Rt. 50 to Tall Cedars Parkway. Mid-day routing would extend from East Gate Park and Ride to Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail. Timing would be adjusted for easier transfers to Route 88X.

Route 88X, from the Telos Park and Ride lot along Rt. 7 to the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station, would extend to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne and run less frequently.

The schedule would also be made to more closely resemble Metro Connection timetables.

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