Woodgrove, Loudoun Valley Students Beat Faculty on Volleyball Court

Although members of the losing side valiantly insisted “It was a lot of fun,” the young bloods of Loudoun Valley and Woodgrove high schools won the day in a volleyball challenge against the town Friday.

The town turned out in force at Woodgrove, fielding Mayor Kwasi Fraser and Council members John Nave, Doug McCollum, Karen Jimmerson and Vice Mayor Patrick McConville from the council; Assistant Town Manager Danny Davis, Director of Public Works Alex Vanegas and Assistant to the Town Manager Hooper McCann from management; and Chief Cindy McAlister, Sgt. Rob Wagner and Lt. Joe Schroeck from the Purcellville Police Department.

To match that administrative firepower, the two high schools fielded Woodgrove Principal Sam Shipp and Spanish teacher Tim Brown, plus Loudoun Valley P.E. teacher Joyce Phillips—and a lot of energetic younger physical power. The town later donated $300 to each school to support their P.E. programs.

McCann ruefully acknowledged, “They had too many good young players.”

“We survived,” Davis said, laughing, noting the town did win one game, and “all the others were pretty competitive.”

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