Irish Firm Follows Fiber to Loudoun

A new business has set up shop in Loudoun’s data center alley. Ireland’s Hanley Energy celebrated the opening of its first U.S. office Friday in Ashburn.

The company provides power management services to data centers around the globe and also has developed a line of containerized data centers—some smaller than a 3-foot cube. The company is a leader in the industry and built its business serving the data centers in Ireland, through which most of Europe’s Internet traffic is routed.

“We’re here because our customers are here,” said David O’Coimin, Hanley’s global business director. “One of our customers has 80 data centers here.”

A delegation of local, state and federal government representatives—even a representative from the Irish Embassy—were on hand to welcome the company’s leaders.

Loudoun County Chairwoman Phylis Randall welcomes Hanley Energy.
Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall welcomes Hanley Energy.

Loudoun Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large) and Supervisor Ron A. Meyer (R-Broad Run) pointed to Hanley’s investment as an example of how the county’s data centers—which don’t have many employees—are creating jobs in Loudoun.

Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones assured Hanley executives they would get invites to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s famed St. Patrick’s Day parties at the Executive Mansion, and assured local representatives that more company’s like Hanley would follow.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10) was among the speakers who highlighted the work of Loudoun’s Economic Development Department in moving the project forward, calling Director Buddy Rizer and his team the best in the commonwealth.

Managing Director Dennis Nordon said he was impressed by the

Hanley Energy Managing Director Dennis Nordon
Hanley Energy Managing Director Dennis Nordon

teamwork exhibited by the local government. He said the company made the decision to open a Loudoun location six months ago and selected the site around Christmas. “Here we are on the 18th of March. This is incredible.”

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