Letter: Craig Green, Hamilton

Editor: A few numbers for you to mull over: 2,910, 43, 13334 vs 14363, $1.17, and $99.

What do these numbers stand for?

2,910 –The number of net new students who have joined the Loudoun County Public School system this year. That’s about average for the past fours years of continuing school growth.

At least 43 unfilled mental health positions are unbudgeted, and thus unable to help our growing population. People in real crisis are forced to wait on a list, and suffer alone.

$13,334 – The current superintendent’s per student spending, vs $14,363 – the level that would be delivered if the school system had kept pace with inflation rates over the past eight years.

$1.17— the tax rate I feel would best start serving the needs of our county, and $99 is the change in my annual tax bill if that choice was made.

The Board of Supervisors all ran on a platform that highlighted funding our school system, and our county government at-large. Now, once the election’s won, it is time for them to do the hard work and continue funding our county government.

Last fall, everything was fair and wonderful, the incumbents highlighted their ability to fully fund our schools for the first time in years, while borrowing from cash reserves to balance the books.

Now, once the election is over, it appears that a number of them are resuming the mantle of the “Party of No,” and refusing to pay for the impacts of past decisions.

Those 2,910 new kids did not magically appear‑they are the inevitable result of every rezoning decision that has been made over the years.

I’d like to quote from a recent statement by my delegate, Dave LaRock, in regard to the proffer bill that was passed this year in the General Assembly: “Well-established trends in Loudoun and elsewhere reveal that rezoning and the eventual new development create demand for new services and infrastructure which proffers never fully cover, thus the current deficit in Loudoun. “

Our delegate understands the cause and effect of development decisions, yet it appears some on this board are unwilling to accept it.

Our schools need better funding, our county government needs better funding, and now that the election year is over, the residents of Loudoun want to see the Board of Supervisors stop grandstanding, and start the hard task of actually governing.

Craig Green, Hamilton

[Editor’s note: The writer is a member of the Hamilton Town Council and was the Democratic candidate for the Catoctin District seat on the Board of Supervisors in 2015.]

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  • 2016-03-22 at 11:21 am

    That’s an interesting “perspective”. Here are some other numbers:

    A. 3.8% is the enrollment growth in LCPS for FY17. That is about the same rate of growth as Loudoun’s population since the 2010 census. Imagine that… the schools’ enrollment growth is nearly the same as the overall population growth.

    B. 23% is the growth in per pupil spending since 2011 vs 8% inflation over that time. While Craig may like to use the highly bloated number’s of Hatrick prior to the recession, that hog was so fat it couldn’t even roll over.

    C. 5% is the growth in per pupil funding requested by LCPS in FY17. That’s not their total budget increase of 8.8% just the additional cost of each pupil. Meanwhile, nearly every other district has kept per pupil cost constant since 2014 but LCPS continues to grow at nearly 9% in just the previous two years.

    D. ~30 is the number of union employees and activists who attended the last BOS meeting to beg for a raise.

    If anyone thinks that FY17 will be the last year that LCPS requests a 7-8%+ funding increase, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention these last few years. LCPS and the Democrats plan to separate each taxpayer from $1000+ in hard earned money over the next few years so their members can boost their $50K/yr pension when they hit 52 years of age. That’s their “plan” for Loudoun County.

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