Letter: Jim Bonfils, Ashburn

Editor: Loudoun County is one of the most diverse and well-educated counties in all of the country, which is why it was so impressive to me to see the diversity of people represented at Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s re-election campaign kickoff this past week right here in Loudoun.

More than 200 supporters came out on a Wednesday evening to attend the event, all representing the various communities that make up Loudoun County and Northern Virginia. Members of our Latino-, African-, Indian-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-American communities were all in attendance. Women, college students, working professionals, federal workers, and veterans were part of the coalition of people present.

Barbara knows how to bring people together around the issues that impact our community. She reaches out. She asks questions. In addition, she works hard to respond to our priorities.

While the press seems to focus on the circus, that has become our presidential race, I am pleased that Barbara works hard for us throughout our community and gets the job done.

Jim Bonfils, Ashburn

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