CroppMetcalfe Wins Loudoun Stadium Naming Rights

Residential and commercial services company CroppMetcalfe won the naming rights for the Evergreen Sports Complex stadium near Leesburg.

Under the partnership, the Evergreen Sports Complex will include CroppMetcalfe Stadium at Evergreen, CroppMetcalfe Field, and the CroppMetcalfe 5-Star Sky Lounge.

CroppMetcalfe President Tim Cropp said of the three-year partnership with Evergreen Sports Complex, “We recognize the important role sports, and the lessons learned through them, can play in the development of a young person’s life. Family involvement and participation are crucial components, and all co-workers at CroppMetcalfe are excited about the opportunity to give back to the families of Loudoun County.”

About 500,000 people visit Evergreen’s facilities each year, according to a press release announcing the partnership. Learn more about the compex at and about CroppMetcalfe at

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