Letter: Jim Montfort, Sterling

Editor: Here in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, we’re fortunate to have a real leader giving voice to our concerns and taking action on the issues that affect our many diverse communities. That leader is Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

She’s not just visible in our communities; she is actively working in them day in and day out. Listening to and working with us, she has proven to be an effective leader and problem-solver. That’s how she is bringing people together to get things done.

She helped pass the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation that will advance lifesaving treatments through new medical research targeting diseases that affect millions of us every year – like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. She was a key player in passing a landmark five-year transportation package that devotes funding to relieve traffic congestion, fix our roads, and make Metro more accountable to us.

She successfully worked on and helped pass a $600 billion tax relief package for our families, small businesses and our technology and defense businesses right here in the District. It makes the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the American Opportunity Tax Credit permanent and also makes the Research and Development tax credit permanent so businesses right here in the District can create the 21st century jobs that will employ the next generation. She has voted to increase defense and cyber security funding to protect us from terrorism and has reached out to our cyber security community and used their expertise in developing congressional responses to our challenges.

Since her time as our Virginia delegate, she has championed legislation that fights the scourge of human trafficking, protecting our children and those most vulnerable in our communities from this heinous crime. Throughout the 10th District, she has brought awareness to the issue and partnered with our local law enforcement leaders to advance programs and measures that will fight against this kind of exploitation.

She has joined with federal, state, and local officials to start two heroin task forces to battle heroin abuse and addiction. As part of those task forces she has held a number of town halls and forums to increase education of the heroin crisis. With each task force, she has worked on numerous pieces of legislation to address treatment and prevention and equip our first responders with opioid reserving drugs that save lives.

It is very exciting to see what Congresswoman Comstock has accomplished so far. Barbara Comstock is our voice in Washington for effective and accountable government because she works with and stands for us. I look forward to supporting her this fall.

Jim Montfort, Sterling

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