Letter: Tia Brierton, Lovettsville

Editor: Turn on the television, and every other day, you’ll hear a story about how heroin abuse has destroyed a family or has taken deep root in and ravaged a community. Heroin abuse and addiction is a growing threat, and I applaud Barbara Comstock’s role here in Northern Virginia in leading the fight against this disease.

Working with Sheriff Mike Chapman in Loudoun, Representative Comstock helped to create the Heroin Operations Team (HOT). This task force that brings federal, state, and local law enforcement, mental health professionals, and our parents and schools together to address prevention and increase awareness.

HOT hosted a number of community forums that opened with standing room only, and where parents had the opportunity to hear directly from law enforcement and school professionals on how to be alert to this threat. Last week they held a forum in Leesburg that brought parents and students together at the DEA museum.

A pilot program started last year to train law enforcement on how to administer the nasal form of Narcan, an antidote to reverse the effects of a narcotics overdose, was part of that task force. Already here in Loudoun, the pilot program has helped save lives.

Congresswoman Comstock has also worked on numerous pieces of legislation to address other heroin threats like those associated with pain management.

Her knowledge on the issue and work in the community is helping to save and heal lives, and this is the kind of informed, community-focused leadership we need working for us in Congress.

Tia Brierton, Lovettsville

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  • 2016-03-23 at 10:34 pm

    “Already here in Loudoun, the pilot program has helped save lives.”
    Untrue, the medication was given to a non-opiate overdose with no impact on outcome whatsoever. But why should we worry about the details.

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