School Board to Hash Out Leesburg, Brambleton Attendance Boundaries Tonight

Even before Loudoun County school leaders wrap up the attendance zone boundary process for Leesburg schools that’s been one of the most contentious in recent history, they will begin another one in the Brambleton area.

The Loudoun County School Board meets at 6:30 p.m. today to kickoff the seven-week process to redraw attendance lines for Brambleton-area middle and high school students. The boundaries have to be redrawn to prepare for the opening of Brambleton Middle School (formerly known as MS-9) and the high school known as HS-11.

Brambleton Middle School is set to open in August 2017, and the yet-to-be-named HS-11 is on track to open in 2018.

Students at the following 31 schools could be reassigned: Hillside, Mill Run, Ashburn, Discovery, Dominion Trail, Aldie, Arcola, Buffalo Trail, Pinebrook, Creighton’s Corner, Legacy, Rosa Lee Carter, Cedar Lane, Sanders Corner, Newton-Lee, Seldens Landing and Steuart W. Weller elementary schools; Eagle Ridge, Farmwell Station, Mercer, Belmont Ridge, Stone Hill, Trailside and J. Michael Lunsford middle schools; Briar Woods, Broad Run, John Champe, Riverside, Rock Ridge, Stone Bridge and Freedom high schools.

Tonight’s meeting will be followed by a work session on the attendance boundaries in Leesburg. The board is scheduled to adopt an attendance map tomorrow. The board added the work session to its calendar after an activist group called Educate Don’t Segregate formed in the past week and a half and called on school leaders to reassign the fewest number of students.

The group is protesting some of the board members’ intentions to return about 700 students to schools closer to their homes. While it would mean fewer students bussed to schools across town, the move would also concentrate most of the town’s low-income and Hispanic elementary students to two schools, Leesburg and Frederick Douglass.

Watch the meeting live hereStay with for coverage on the boundaries changes.

7 thoughts on “School Board to Hash Out Leesburg, Brambleton Attendance Boundaries Tonight

  • 2016-03-28 at 10:51 am

    Let’s remember the rules for tonight’s meeting:

    1. No member of the public will be allowed to speak.

    2. No unbiased research will be allowed to be presented. No experts will be allowed to testify. No objective growth data will be mentioned or presented.

    3. The supporters of Plan 12 on the board will present a coordinated defense of Plan 12 and its attempt to segregate all of the FRL and ESL students into two elementary schools.

    4. The public will be fed a bunch of misleading stats about Sterling’s schools and LCPS Title 1 schools. While a few are doing well (Rolling Ridge and Guilford), most are disasters and it’s irrefutable that school poverty lowers test scores for all students including in Loudoun.

    5. The board will mislead the public about federal Title 1 funds. The ONLY reason to designate a school as Title 1 is to allow the district to combine local, state and federal funding to target FRL students without breaking out the various funding streams. It’s more efficient to implement holistic systems and the majority of that funding comes from non-federal sources anyway. Despite these facts, Rose/Hornberger/Turgeon/DeKenipp will attempt to claim that only through Title 1 school designations can FRL/ESL students be helped. Patently false but they don’t care.

    6. Others including Maloney/Turgeon/etc. will attempt to blame the BOS for “tying their hands” and preventing “differentiated staffing” from being used in Leesburg under the current zoning or future zoning. Once again, this is patently false. The school board (not the BOS or LCPS officials) set the class size and staffing policies at each school. The school board can allocate funding any way they see fit. They could have provided more to EMES and FDES for years but chose not to do so. Now, they will scapegoat everybody else but themselves.

    You will hear a propaganda session that would have made Goebbels or Castro blush. This is your Loudoun County School Board, folks.

    • 2016-03-28 at 3:42 pm

      You’ve got some fantastic information in here.

      But you’re never – ever – going to get your point across, even to people that agree with you – with this sort of language. Comparing local SB people to Goebbels is such a ridiculous statement that I shouldn’t even have to explain that to you.

      Again – you raise some amazing points backed up but some great data. But I can’t even begin to try to agree wtih you when you go south like that. Sorry dude, you’re never getting traction this way.

  • 2016-03-28 at 12:21 pm

    Virginia, we like thank you for yet another lecture to realize from one response to the next you are just stirring the pot. Either you are for something or against it bottom line. You obviously have major issues with our government and many other things in life, which we all have our challenges, but comparisons to to Nazi and Cuban Governments are rock-bottom, even for a race-bater (hah) like you. Most of the truly “affluent” folks in this County are probably laughing at all of the public hoopla as their kids are going to private school, not the modest religious schools local here, but the “affluent” schools Leesburg and points West. They laugh at your and other peoples comments about wealth as you are deemed insignificant living tightly packed in your little single family home in Lansdowne. Me, they wouldn’t even consider me worthy of conversation, nor would I…. I don’t emphasize wealth, the majority of us don’t. It comes from the heart. When Plaza Street was mostly all black, my son was surrounded by mostly all black and white students in elementary school, whom all spoke ENGLISH, and the thought of socioeconomic aspects were never, ever a factor. Now that 25-33-40% of a school population is Latino, and let’s say for argument that 25% speak little to no ENGLISH it SIGNIFICANTLY impacts and slows the learning of ever single kid in that school regardless of color, finances, religion, etc., which is UNFAIR……… Statistics are only necessary to prove certain points……. I am not a politician, nor a board member, etc., but know that they have a tough job that you will never appreciate. I still don’t understand why someone who claims to be a fiscal conservative, who lives in wealthy Lansdowne, whose child won’t be affected by the issues per say, someone who could avoid Plaza Street their entire life, etc. is so heavily vested in the primary issue? Does it pertain to your previous personal issues with government and your failures to let go of the past?

  • 2016-03-28 at 3:06 pm

    Maybe the Loudoun school board should do what school boards are entrusted to do… have policy discussions on what is the best way to educate our students. This would include:

    1. Acknowledging that LCPS does not perform up to its capabilities. Show the PISA results. Heck, let’s actually go back to administering the PISA test to our high schools in FY17 (stopped this year because they didn’t like the negative press) so we know where we stand vs affluent districts.

    2. Look at objective growth data (SGPs for years past, invest in VAMs for future) so we can assess the effectiveness of various policies, schools, teachers, etc.

    3. Discuss and research whether tracking is effective. Should we track just in math/ELA? Should we track only from grades 3+? Or grades 5+?

    4. Should we actually create a gifted program for kids prior to 9th grade?

    5. Should we adjust class size based on a sliding scale of FRL?

    6. Should we calculate how much LCPS spends to educate a given FRL student? An ESL student? A SpEd student? Each level of SpEd student? So that we can make knowledgeable and responsible policy decisions going forward.

    Or should our board continue to play the political game in which they exercise raw power based on school zonings. Many of these current board members became known because they organized neighborhoods for/against various rezonings. Most have little, if any, experience or knowledge of curriculum and/or policy. Why not open up meetings for expert panels and invite the public. Maybe because we would have to acknowledge our shortcomings (not bad, but not great) and improve. This board is clearly not up to the task. 3.5 years down the road, I’m guessing Loudoun elects a board not much better than this one. And that is why we are what we are… a county of pretenders.

  • 2016-03-28 at 3:43 pm

    “The group is protesting some of the board members’ intentions to return about 700 students to schools closer to their homes. While it would mean fewer students bussed to schools across town, the move would also concentrate most of the town’s low-income and Hispanic elementary students to two schools, Leesburg and Frederick Douglass.”

    FYI this plan does not reduce the amount of students bussed from what I’ve seen. It remains the same. Please double check this fact!

  • 2016-03-28 at 4:26 pm

    LCPS Parent, obviously, the Goebbels reference was an exaggeration, a hyperbole. But in the current presidential debates, not even Donald Trump claims that deporting illegal aliens is in “their best interest”. He makes the point that poor citizens of foreign countries want to emigrate to the US because there are tangible benefits to them. And there are tangible drawbacks to the unskilled workers in the US (not to mention taxpayers).

    Let’s contrast that to Rose and Turgeon. They are actually touting the benefits of creating two Title 1 schools for the benefit of minority students!!!! If they wanted to use the Fairfax research, they would say that when all schools have 20% FRL, all students are hurt somewhat. But when we make some schools 10% and others 40%, the kids in the 40% are hurt much more but overall the cumulative drop in test scores is minimized. In other words, there will be winners and losers but Rose/Turgeon are trying to hurt the fewest kids.

    That is NOT what they are arguing. They are trying to make us believe that concentrating FRL and ESL kids in a single school HELPS those kids. Every bit of research refutes that. They also won’t address the families in Leesburg who are not FRL who will be forced to attend those Title 1 schools and incur the subsequent negative effects.

    Can you tell me any regime in memory that segregated a population and then told that population it was “good for them”? That is what Debbie Rose, Jill Turgeon, Eric DeKenipp, and Eric Hornberger are asking us to believe. Most in Loudoun are not that dumb. We know this is one of the most pernicious efforts to segregate solely for the benefit of some affluent, white families whose votes can re-elect the Plan 12 backers in four years. How exactly would you parody those intentions? What language can relay just how deceitful they are?

    • 2016-03-28 at 6:10 pm

      You once more miss the point. Hyperbole or no, your message is LOST even to those sympathetic to your causes. In fact, I’ve read many a thing you’ve posted and agreed, but then when I see your vitrol – hyperbole or not – I’m turned off and turn away to another more reasonable voice.

      My only point is that you need to find a new way to package the absolutely fantastic points you’ve got. It’s clear your mad. Use that anger to your advantage, because this isn’t doing it.

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